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Be As You Look 

With the effect of social media and technology, we have entered an era where people are no longer the same. Ambiguity has arisen, questioning which version is real. Almost everyone utilizes artificial effects and artificial intelligence to present themselves differently. In this project, real person’s photographs were manipulated by editing software or artificial intelligence and these manipulated images were digitally added within some billboards in Berlin. As a result, both the manipulated and original versions of the characters are presented within the same frame. In this project, get inspired from a poem by Rumi, one of the significant thinkers of Islamic Sufism, which is: “Either exist as you are or be as you look”

Master Photography, Master Project

Supervisors: Prof. Walter Bergmoser, Prof. Stephan Günzel


Before I was born, before you were born, before everyone was born, our social roles were determined. Someone organized everything for us. How to be happy, how to be unhappy, how to enjoy, how to believe. Someone has changed this and others have objected to this and want to change the role assigned to them. Some cannot… The AS !F project is about all the women who pretend to be because of the roles assigned to them. It centers on the story of women who are not satisfied with their current life but act AS !F they are. The bloody scarf reflects the white bed sheet that is laid in the bedroom the first night for women who get married in Anatolia. The next day this bed sheet is used to check whether the woman was a virgin. The red ribbon is a symbol used to emphasize that the young girls who get married in Anatolia are virgins.

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